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Effect of different drugs on the dose depends on the drug. Speaking more precisely - the concentration of active compound at the desired tissue or organ. Lowest this difference injectable, especially intravenous - into the blood enters the amount of the drug that is introduced in the solution. Of course, not all of the amount of the drug gets to the right place - much to dissipate throughout the body. In addition, in order to move into the bloodstream medicine should be contacted with certain blood proteins (albumin). Passing through the liver, the drug would be destroyed - the concentration in the blood falls. Then on the way destination stand distinct membrane that prevent the tissues and organs of various substances from the blood. So, between the administered dose and entered directly into the cell, there is a significant difference. Where did delos this medicine buying in Canadian pharmacy mail order? Part dispersed throughout the body, some settled in the liver, and then together with bile will be put into the intestines, kidneys filtered part to bring the urine from the body. Gradually, all the drug circulating in the blood, as well excreted from the body. All the same medicine, and the products of its metabolism for a while, while they are in the body, may adversely affect the different organs and tissues - for example, cross the placenta and circulate in the blood of the fetus, affect the nervous system that affects the liver, kidneys, cause allergic reactions and other so-called side effects. Some drugs can accumulate in the tissues and organs.
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