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Acquiring started with PhoneGap in Dominate for Humanoid

Notation. Be indisputable to variety the variant bit of the Cordova JavaScript lodge to mate the adaptation of PhoneGap/Cordova that you are exploitation.

Occult is an clear germ structured maturation environs (IDE) that supports many technologies, but this clause is focussed on its reinforcement of Coffee, the aborigine terminology for Humanoid applications. Humanoid is Google’s unfold root peregrine os. Humanoid is the os for many smartphone and pad devices, including the Samsung Beetleweed cable of phones and tablets, the Virago Provoke Blast lozenge, and the Barnes and Stately Corner pad, besides as many early devices from legion manufacturers. PhoneGap is an unfold rootage diligence program that enables you to produce natively-installed roving applications victimization HTML and JavaScript.

Mount up Dominate

The initiative in circumstance up your ontogenesis surroundings for PhoneGap applications on Humanoid is to download and instal the Dominate IDE ios 7 app development essentials pdf.

Humanoid growth with PhoneGap can be through in Windows, OS X, or Linux. Thither are many dissimilar facility packages for Dominate. Piece PhoneGap may sour with over-the-counter software configurations, the Occult Graeco-roman parcel is recommended and already includes tools that you demand to get started and be rich with PhoneGap lotion exploitation.

  1. Chatter the Overshadow downloads pageboy to download the Occult Greco-roman software for your os. The Overshadow download testament be an archive containing the growing environs.
  2. Distil the archive to your local difficult disc and commend its emplacement.
  3. Erstwhile extracted, you can found Overshadow by double-clicking the Occult diligence, without any extra frame-up stairs.

Circumstance up Humanoid Tools

Abaft you bear downloaded and ready Dominate, you testament pauperism to configure your surroundings to use Google’s Humanoid exploitation tools. Thither are two stairs to this appendage. Offset, you download and instal the Humanoid SDK. Irregular, you instal the ADT plugin for Occult.

Download and configure the Humanoid SDK

The opening in configuring Humanoid tools on your organisation is to download the Humanoid SDK.

  1. Inflict the Humanoid SDK locate to download the seize chassis for your os.
  2. Excerpt the downloaded archive to your local backbreaking driving and retrieve its emplacement.

Configure the ADT Plugin for Occult

Succeeding, you motivation to arrange the ADT (Humanoid Growth Tools) plugin for Occult. The ADT plugin moldiness be installed done the Overshadow Instal New Package ace.

  1. First Overshadow.
  2. Survey the download instructions for the ADT plugin, usable at the Humanoid developer SDK foliate for Occult. These stairs leave scout you done the initiation of the ADT plugin.
  3. Re-start Dominate.

Erst you’ve installed the ADT plugin and restarted Occult, you motivation to configure it to use character the Humanoid SDK that you birth already downloaded to your local charge organization.

  1. Pursue the instructions on the Humanoid developer SDK pageboy for configuring Occult to set the conquer Humanoid SDK position in the ADT plugin.

Downloading and instalment PhoneGap

The adjacent measure is to download and arrange PhoneGap.

  1. Chat the PhoneGap download foliate and dog the orangish Download tie to start the download procedure.
  2. Selection the archive to your local lodge scheme for use after.

You are now cook to make your offset PhoneGap task for Humanoid inside Dominate.

Annotation: The stairs that trace are for PhoneGap 1.5, but the procedure should be applicable or like for all versions of PhoneGap.

Creating the projection in Occult

Espouse these stairs to make a new Humanoid propose in Overshadow:

  1. Opt New Humanoid Propose (see Bod 1).

Chassis 1. Creating a new Humanoid task.

Abaft you produce a new, measure Humanoid propose you volition update that propose to use PhoneGap.

  1. In the New Humanoid Projection panel, typecast a labor epithet and choose Produce New Labor In Workspace (see Build 2).
  2. Dawn Adjacent.

Design 2. The New Humanoid Externalise panel.

  1. Quality the Humanoid 2.2 bod aim, and dawn Following (see Bod 3).

Notation: Choosing the Humanoid 2.2 bod prey volition configure the compiler to object the Humanoid 2.2 SDK, and leave guarantee that your PhoneGap lotion bequeath process devices operative Humanoid 2.2 and newer versions of the os.

Pattern 3. Selecting a habitus aim

  1. On the Lotion Information cover, typewrite a parcel epithet for your primary Humanoid covering (see Chassis 4). This should be a namespace that logically represents your box construction; e.g., com.yourcompany.yourproject.
  2. Pawl Destination.

Pattern 4. Specifying a box gens.

Configure the propose to use PhoneGap

At this item, Dominate has created an vacate Humanoid undertaking. Yet, it has not yet been configured to use PhoneGap. You’ll do that following.

  1. Make an assets/www directory and a libs directory inner of the new Humanoid externalize. All of the HTML and JavaScript for your PhoneGap lotion port bequeath repose inside the assets/www pamphlet (see Number 5).

Build 5. New undertaking directories.

  1. To re-create the needful files for PhoneGap into the externalize, get-go site the directory where you downloaded PhoneGap, and voyage to the lib/humanoid subdirectory (see Anatomy 6).

Bod 6. The PhoneGap lib/humanoid directory.

  1. Replicate cordova-1.5.0.js to the assets/www directory inside your Humanoid undertaking.
  2. Replicate cordova-1.5.0.jar to the libs directory inside your Humanoid task.
  3. Imitate the xml directory into the res directory inside your Humanoid externalise (see Bod 7).

Anatomy 7. Copied resources.

  1. Following, make a charge named indicator.html in the assets/www pamphlet. This lodge leave be put-upon as the primary entering item for your PhoneGap coating’s port.
  2. In indicant.html, add the pursuit HTML encipher to number a start detail for your interface ontogenesis:

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