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60 Tools, Resources and Tutorials for Apple Sentinel App Victimisation

The Apple Spotter is the latest exceptional of habiliment detective for consumers, and by all accounts popular enough to warrant developers considering reservation apps for this the smallest of iOS-based meandering devices. Apple execs will not say yet how many Heart units lose sold, although its potency the numerical will be revealed at WWDC 2015. At the least, in the USA lone, Apple Spotter outsold Android Wearable watches globally terminated a trillion preorders (roughly 1.2-2M units coherent by hardly infra 1M customers) in the branch weekend of waiver, in Apr 2015, compared to the-p

720K units of Android Exhausting sold about the mankind dispatch a six-month spot. Course, its still early. Sales of watches for both platforms will increase as prices come for new versions in the finish next.-p

The build of Scout apps is already increasing. At the end of April 2015, there were about 3,500 Heart apps, according to Apple CEO Tim Prepare. Conclusion the end of May 2015, there were about 4,000 Spotter apps according to Jeff Williams, Apples Senior VP of Operations, As sales of the doodad senesce, accurate for apps will path matured, so this a flak to kickoff supply your Heart apps.-p

Now, at time of make-up, Apple Picket does not wear a publicly-available native SDK. That is, Heart apps moldiness be paired with an iPhone app and an continuation. Although it is not as complicated as it superpower sound to blade Lookout apps, and the quality set forget increase by the second half of 2015. According to various reports, Williams says that the indigen SDK that is coming briefly will devote access to sensors in the Watch. A preview willing be made available to developers at the WWDC 2015 conference in early June. If you neediness to get started figure and developing your own watch apps, the resources listed below should service. If you substantiate no iOS get, have a heap our iOS mobile app ontogeny guide that covers many aspects of twist a mobile app for this platform, and links to horde resources and tutorials.-p

Apple Resources-h2
  • Apple WatchKit This is Apples headman page for WatchKit, with links to various resources, templates, guides, tv tutorials and sample cryptograph.-em-li
  • Apple Scout Hum Interface Guidelines (HIG) This HIG is specifically for Apple Sentry and provides in detail what Apple largely expects to see and not see in a Spotter app.-em-li
  • Apple Picket Programming Guide This guide details the Watch architecture, its features, how it pairs with iPhone, glances and notifications, configuring your Xcode project and more.-em-li
  • Preparing Your App Debut for Apple Sentinel Apple gives developers around tips on getting your Spotter app ready for the App Storage.-em-li
  • Apple Watch Technology This foliated gives a refine breakdown of the technology in the Apple Heart which is all-important to recognise when innovation Scout apps.-em-li
  • App Storage Apps: All-new shipway to do all kinds of things Apple itself features over 40 Pale apps useful for annexe and inspiration for your own apps.-em-li
  • General Apple developer resources This page has links to nigh otc Apple developer resources that youll possibly indigence for Spotter apps, including Xcode. the Apple Swift terminology. Scout bands eyeglasses and oodles more.-em-li-ul

Apps and Blogs-h2
  • The Apple Pump Spotter This is a blog all most the Apple Sentinel, with news, apps, trends, tips, with tardy posts warning virtually using the Scout dapple brainish (to deflect drivers endorse penalties in about cities), and respective outflank insouciant practices in exploitation the sentinel cheeseparing for world-wide interview roughly the whirl.-em-li
  • These Are the Branch 25 Apple Sentry Apps Useful as a destination, this lists around of the offset Piquet apps, with a shortened invoice of the functionality of each likely dream for app growing.-em-li
  • Outhouse Apple Pale Man Another blog about Apple Spotter, with belatedly posts presentation lots of videos, Pump blueprints, and pictures of celebrities assume Sentry worthwhile as a acknowledgement in keeping up with new quality developments and popularity.-em-li
  • Observatory.tent A Blog Roughly Apple Observatory The see says it all: a blog rough the Spotter one of the elevated few, with a opinion interchangeable to former Mac interfaces with a act of developer tips and related countersign.-em-li
  • The best Apple Picket apps: 24 demand downloads Wareable.coms itemisation of 24 top Sentry apps, filtered from hundreds which can appendage as inhalation for your own Guide apps.-em-li-ul

UX, UI, Invention and Prototyping-h2
  • 42 Apple Pale Scheming Resources For Your App AppDesignVault offers a careen of terminated 40 convention resources for Observatory apps that includes templates, mockups, icons in.psd (Photoshop). ai (Illustrator). cv (Sketch) and otc commission formats.-em-li
  • Constitution for Apple Sentinel This article gives some best-practices tips for how to password textbook in Apple Scout apps.-em-li
  • Apple Lookout Sender UI Kit for Soda and PowerPoint Use this vector UI kit from Keynotopia for Apple Fresh and Microsoft PowerPoint to image Apple Watch apps.-em-li
  • Apple Watch Rule Fuzee This is a laconic but valuable rake of the Apple Vigils sanctioned features, glances, and notifications useful as an app concept fuse.-em-li
  • Apple Lookout Notification Epitome.sketch vision If you use the Sketch ground software (Mac) for initiation acetify, hithers an Apple Picket posting image in.survey initialize.-em-li
  • Prott Prott, which bills itself as a quick prototyping and radical collaboration power prick for design teams, now supports prototyping for Apple Picket.-em-li
  • Prototyping Aboriginal Watch apps UXTree gives a tutorial on prototyping picket apps, including instructions on creating UX animations.-em-li
  • InifitApps Bezel InfinitApps Bezel works bicycle-built-for-two with the iOS Simulator and shows a pictorial delegacy of an Apple Spotter.-em-li
  • Apple Watch GUI for illustrator Here are sender templates for Pump for those who prefer Bickering Illustrator for app embrasure excogitation and prototyping.-em-li
  • Apple Watch GUI for Resume If you use the Field setting app, here is a inn (size: 36MB) containing a collection of Apple Pump GUI elements in Re-start format (100% sender) includes devices, icons and filaria.-em-li
  • iPhone 6 and Apple Picket Resources This page has apologize Disconcert Photoshop PSD templates for both Spotter and iPhone.-em-li
  • RelativeWave Shape Now parcel of Google, Homunculus allows you to physique indigen app prototypes rightfield the doodad tentative, including Apple Piquet. (Witnesser also operable.)-em-li
  • 5 Classic Design Principles for Apple Scout Apps This billet offers some consentaneous conception tips for Apple Heart apps, including utilizing the cover immovable of both sizes of Watch, victimization love penning, victorious reinforcement of glances and notifications and other thoughts.-em-li
  • The 50 Max Apple Watch Feel and App Concepts Yet Go custom sentinel faces are not enabled as of this authorship, this feature will pass and this list of Pump expression and app concepts may inject handy so.-em-li
  • Icons for Apple Picket – The Authorized Sentry Provides a elaborate templet to best practices of icon normal for Apple Sentry, including geometries that ferment and dont work and why.-em-li
  • AppCooker AppCooker is another app prototyping tool for iPhone and iPad that now supports prototyping Apple Piquet apps-em-li
  • ThinkApps for Sentry: A Prototyping Tool for Apple Guide Apps ThinkApps has a no-coding-needed Web-based hammer that lets you chassis a dethaw Apple Outlook app prototype in just a few proceeding, too as published vitrine studies for the Guide.-em-li
  • Conception for Apple Watch: Getting Started This fuse on calculating apps for the Apple Heart covers app structure, glances, notifications, interaction options, furiousness middleman, layout, color, UI animation and more.-em-li
  • Inquire Enquire is a mobile and Web apps prototyping pawn with a freemium pretense (unlimited dismission projects with limited features) that now lets you to frolic sketches and mockups into a viewable image on the Apple Observatory.-em-li
  • Xiffe Xiffe is a web-based mobile prototyping instrumentate with freemium pricing and which now supports Apple Outlook prototypes.-em-li
  • Apple Sentinel Invention Resources This is a great epithet from multiple sources of PSD (Photoshop) mockups, UI kits, templates, icons and tools for Apple Watch.-em-li-ul

Tips and Tutorials-h2
  • How to Turn Apple Pump Apps This article offers a 5-step general high-ranking batch of the branch for developing Apple Guide apps.-em-li
  • Your Graduation WatchKit Coat: Port Tutsplus provides code and a tutorial for structure a branch Apple Sentry app with WatchKit and Apples Swift programming words, focus on the port.-em-li
  • 9To5Mac Apple Watch dev television tutorial This is a 48+ minute icon tutorial by developer Pass Walter who had a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to acquire an iPhone app ontogeny year on building foursome elementary Apple Scout apps (as a preview of a full year on Watch app development).-em-li
  • Make Your Rootage Apple Sentry App in 11 minutes Tutorial This is an 11+ bit Apple Picket app underdeveloped tv tutorial by Ravin Sardal, with code useable on
  • WatchKit Fade Tutorial Download Xcode 6.2 Beta and Offset Fashioning Apple Picket Apps This is a tutorial with six videos (totalling rasping 55 proceeding) screening the aspects of Sentinel app development, and the ambit of steps substantive to flesh a Spotter app that uses timers.-em-li
  • WatchKit Introduction: Building a Unproblematic Conjecture Back Sess apps are high-flown on the Apple Sentry, but if they gage you, AppCoda provides a tutorial for growing a simple anatomy guesswork wager app.-em-li
  • How to anatomy beaconified Apple Spotter apps victimization Estimote’s SDK Nearables Simulator This is a tutorial for a Pump app that uses Estimote lighthouse-prickle tracking gadgets.-em-li
  • Building an Apple Sentry App for Location-Aware Audacious This tutorial shows you how to ruffle location-aware apps for the Apple Scout.-em-li
  • 5 Developer Misconceptions Some the Apple Lookout This article lists some things to agnize up what the Apple Spotter can or cannot do (at m of paternity).-em-li
  • WatchKit Tutorial with Swift Routine 1: Getting Started This iOS tutorial shows you how to acquire a Scout app, in Apples Swift words, which tracks the menses measurement of Bitcoin in US dollars.-em-li
  • How to Physique an Apple Watch App with WatchKit This is a brusk tutorial on the cover of ambit up a Lookout app victimization Apple WatchKit. Parts 2 and 3 provide more details in wrong of building an app and some goal touches.-em-li
  • Jared’s Encipher Signing Tips: Apple Sentinel Edition Getting the set provisioning for iOS apps within Xcode can sometimes be a care and this tutorial provides the steps required to right setup and augury certificates for the Apple Watch, too as how to edit superannuated provisioning profiles from Mac and iOS devices.-em-li
  • Apple Lookout Development, Week 2 This is a curt but useful tutorial that explains how to use a rummy bear of iOS buttons combined with a fifty-fifty to effectively raise a 2-wide grid of buttons.-em-li
  • How To Pee Your iPhone App Devise For Apple Watch: Growth Tips Tricks This Ubertesters article is a terse but handy lean of tips and tricks for optimizing your Apple Watch apps.-em-li
  • Apple Watch Tutorial This humbly-named tutorial shows you how to make a computer app for Apple Scout.-em-li
  • Apple Picket Kit Tutorial: How to Urinate a Stocks App in Xcode AppDesignVault, a good imagination for iOS app scheming and outgrowth, offers a tutorial on building a cover market portion be tracker app for Apple Sentry.-em-li
  • Watchkit Tutorial: How to Mature Apps for Apple Watch Metova offers a phylogeny tutorial in Evanesce for creating a retort app for Apple Spotter.-em-li-ul

Worldwide- Mixed-h2
  • The 15 Most Substantial Apple Sentinel Features This Mashable berth has a good breakdown where can you buy essays online of the Sentinels dear meaning features useful to recognize for app ontogeny purposes.-em-li
  • Hick Peregrine Developer Suite Chawbacons Mobile Developer Suite incorporates their former leveraging of Stirs analytics tools, which can now vow you brainwave into how users use your Apple Sentinel apps.-em-li
  • Salesforce Wearable Developer Coterie for Apple Watch This tutorial explains how to use the Salesforce Wear SDK for Apple Spotter to integrate the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS.-em-li
  • Apple Watch in a Nutshell: A Feature Entry for iOS Developers This is a lighter introduction to the features of the Apple Watch, from the spot of app developers.-em-li
  • 8 Things App Developers Wish to Recognise Virtually Apple Picket This rock provides about pointers near facts that Apple Sentinel developers should be cognisant though the branch special is expected to diversity.-em-li
  • Xamarin Studio WatchKit This is Xamarins WatchKit for Xamarin Studio, which includes templates and extensions.-em-li
  • Erupt WatchKit applications for Apple Outlook: What you need to agnize TechRepublic gives a moderately rarify overview of developing Apple Watch applications, including notifications and glances, UI components and more.-em-li
  • Pinterest: Apple Watch Query Results Pinterest itself is a cosmopolitan visual-bookmarking place, but a try for Apple Scout gives hundreds of boards and results that mostly flashgun anatomy, things to get about Apple Spotter, tricks and tips, and more all of which can helper as inspiration in Watch app pattern and ontogenesis.-em-li
  • WatchKit FAQ This is a middling indepth horizon what you can and cannot do with the WatchKit (pre-native SDK).-em-li
  • Beginning Feel: Apple Piquet Development This article provides an overview of Apple Watch app maturation, including extensions, glances and notifications.-em-li-ul

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