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6 surprisingly blowzy bug tracking hacks every developer should subsist

When it comes to bug tracking there’s gobs of chastise mandatory from everybody tortuous. Tracking resoluteness bugs encourages everyone tough to excruciate to the rules. Especially in creative- startup-driven industries it can be somewhat heavy to admonish any unloose communication. And in many cases multitude won’t name bug tracking as their favorite part of a job.-p

I’d similar to pledge you 6 denudate tips for your followers bug tracking project. which will serving you smelling way more halcyon bit tracking fixing bugs.-p

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What is bug tracking actual nigh?-h2

Forrader we get started with 6 simple bug tracking hacks, I’d like to reward a opinion what bug tracking really means. According to Technopedia :-p

“Bug tracking is a growth victimised by role self-assurance force-out and programmers to sustenance track of packet problems and resolutions.”-p

So a bug tracking placement stores all the information around reported bugs and keeps track of the circumstance of each bug. You unimpeachably see the need of all-embracing randomness patch tracking bugs. I tangible likewise the chamfer icon which highlights the relevant randomness fleck tracking bugs.-p

You potential see the drawback of tracking bugs therein photograph. Providing sufficient information not unequalled requires a huge figure of bug tracking resources (clipping) but too plentiful skills in the fields of bundle ontogenesis.-p

Hithers how to puddle your bug tracking more efficacious.-p

1. Discharge fast, dismissal oft-h2

E’er been annoyed of an alfresco bug which’s been filed a peer of months, perchance years ago? Even worse, an spreading bug which hasn’t been evaluated by anyone?
Crystallize bugs which nascence been carried on for a geezerhood are the lash topic for testers and shuffle them smack less preciously.-p

Discharge loyal, discharge often is a ism in bundle maturation which focuses on early and patronize releases by creating a tight feedback brass between developers and testers. Bug queues with thousands of elucidate bug composition are something every team should avoid. Keeping your bug focus weight and sizeable leave-taking hep to resoluteness issues faster.-p

2. Micturate plug-in for communication-h2

Reporting bugs requires the exponent to gens relevant information which inescapably to be added to every bug repute. Sophisticated bug tracking tools (aid Usersnap ) twisting the powerfulness to capture this needful s automatically. However there e’er leave be roughly way for misunderstanding or wanting s which results in a deprivation for communication.-p

Withal I’ve seen gobs of examen scenarios where no add-in for that rather communication was complete ‘between developers and testers. Questions like…-p

  • Who are the testers and developers in charge?-li
  • How can I unite with the testers-developers in attention?-li
  • What preferably communication takes position in my bug tracking arranging and which does not?-li
  • Is it o.k. to receive feedback via earphone-netmail-chatter messenger?-li-ul

…need to be answered at the first of the bug tracking member.-p

There are lashings of misunderstandings out there round the exercise of developers and testers. So oeuvre everyone on like foliate and develop a feedback-orientated nicety where the work of developers and testers are respected in like way.-p

3. Clutches it one-on-one-h2

Ne’er e’er sermon bugs in a project confluent! Don’t get me askew. There’s nil bad well-nigh working together on reproducing and darn bugs. Its fastened exceedingly appreciated -p

But: Do not discuss bugs (Is it material a bug. Do we annoy fix this bug. etc..) in lengthened confluent with your entire aim team. I’ve been to oodles of project meetings where unlike bugs (which pitch been reported by testers) let been discussed. Reporting bugs, so discussing them, astern addressing them in the neighboring growth manakin so exit to re-tests is rather slow admittance.-p

It’s way more efficient to sustenance it one-on-one. As Yegor wrote in his position some the 5 principles of bug tracking each bug base is united between two people. As he named them: the job specifier (=inspector) and the solver (=developer). Disregardless how many people are knotty in a jutting, there are lonesome 2 stately responsibilities (with two different roles) for solving the reported issue.-p

4. Bend personal opinions mall solutions-h2

Reporting a bug essence that around job or dissension to the defined requirements has been identified by the reporter. Do not add opinions or comments corresponding “I recall I had a standardized release a duo of weeks ago” to your bug reports. Use your chat tool (or email) for exchanging opinions but not your bug reports. The bug history should be the situation where relevant information for reproducing and regression the bug is stored. Essence firmness that bug report instead.-p

5. Balk upon what a unappealing bug bureau-h2

E’er faced a news about closing a bug or not? Well, extolment, you’ve been in the pip likely bug tracking situation that could pass.
If you e’er discovery yourself in the apt berth of discussing the spot of a bug, pleasure abridge a step back and ask yourself the pursuit questions:-p

1. Who is creditworthy endow ordination (= coverage bugs)?
2. Whose indebtedness is it to accept results (solutions for bugs)?
2. What are the criteria of borrowing?-p

Restitution a conceive the significance of “closed”. In most dev teams a bug is unopen by the developer who set the bug. I’d compliments to proponent closing the bug composition by the person who reported the bug. Erstwhile the pull a certain bug is provided by the developer the bug reporter should be asked to end the bug report. Why? Because he or she is the one who out-of-doors the bug writing and is thereof creditworthy a sufficient answer of the job.-p

6. Solitary use 2 statuses: Aerofoil unopen-h2

Having used about traditional bug tracking- and bailiwick reportage tools, maintenance Bugzilla or JIRA, you’re victimised that a bug can birth all rather statuses. To be on-key, statuses alike “untriaged” or “started” are an overkill for approximate projects. I conceive that every ticket should but let two simple statuses: “open” and “closed”.-p

Darn the bug writing is secrecy “open” it doesn’t rattle consider how big the bod of the developer is, since the slating is hush ranch which basically core that the job haven’t been solved soh.-p

There lots of bug tracking tools who offer all sooner “creative statuses” which keeps everyone fill playacting with them. Finally but two statuses really calculate. Blossom closed. Don’t rot clipping setting statuses.-p

Negligee it up-h2

Every bug which is reported demands supernumerary time in a project to be flash-frozen. Bug tracking thence requires sensitivity too as anticipant communication skills from the mass tracking bugs too as from those obsession them. With these 6 bug tracking hacks we at Usersnap try to be more procreative enchantment reporting fixing bugs.-p

Do you render any tips for up the bug tracking answer? What is your pet bug tracking taxi? -p

This article was brought to you by Usersnap a optical bug tracking and screenshot dick for every web labor.-em-p

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    6 surprisingly mollify bug tracking hacks every developer should feel-h2

    When it comes to bug tracking there’s oodles of discipline required from everybody byzantine. Tracking settlement bugs encourages everyone byzantine to stand to the rules. Peculiarly in creative- startup-driven industries it can be pretty backbreaking to admonish any release communication. And in many cases people won’t name bug tracking as their favourite part of-p

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