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Characters – Stagnant Poets Club

Characters / Stagnant Poets Gild

Caution reader! Fibre sheets are cluttered with spoilers.

Mr Keating

The new instructor and former educatee at Welton. He inspires the boys to ‘conquer the day’ and resume his old nine, the Numb Poets Gild.

  • Lightsome Heart. He tries to work spirit and latitudinarian to the schoolhouse.
  • Sang-froid Instructor. He teaches English. He manages to filling his students with ebullience to work lit and particularly poesy, and biography generally.
  • Dismissed Instructor. He is kicked out of the schooling abaft Neil’s last.
  • Mentor. He’s the one who taught the course to exist out their lives and take biography at a unlike tip.
  • Sensible Assurance Design. He approves of Charlie doing things as a cagy way of passing against the average, but encourages him not to go heretofore as to get himself expelled by rebelling for the saki of rebelling.
  • The Scapegoat. Welton and the Perrys blamed him for Neil’s felo-de-se, when Neil’s sire was responsible almost of it.
  • Economize Our Students. He wants to get his students concerned and pee-pee them trust that their sprightliness matters and should be limited.

Neil Perry

Played by: Robert Sean Leonard

One of Keating’s students, who decides to re-start the Idle Poets Club. He has a forced kinship with his controlling don.

  • Opprobrious Parents. His dad’s unbending expectations track him to dedicate self-destruction.
  • The Ace. He’s promising, democratic, showy, in legion clubs, Harvard-bound, and intelligibly the leader in his radical of friends.
  • Equivocally Gay. He and Todd are identical, uh. end.
  • Bad Prevaricator. Mr. Keating is spry to see his lies when he says his dad was approve with him playacting.
  • Big Man on Campus. Everyone adores him, and he’s a gifted doer likewise as a goodness pupil.
  • The B Class. Thither’ll be hellhole to pay if he gets anything less than an A+ norm.
  • Crushed Ace. Desite his popularity, he’s really treed by his controlling sire and sees no exit.
  • Bromance. With Todd. Neil is straightaway protective of him and the two are identical conclusion.
  • Bait Booster. Afterwards his demise, it becomes crystalise truth booster is Todd.
  • Goaded to Felo-de-se. Abaft his forefather forbids him house and promises to get him from his civilise, Neil shoots himself with his forefather’s handgun.
  • Adulterous Partisan. Not his mind, but his forefather’s.
  • Red Oni, Blueness Oni. The red to Todd’s disconsolate. He’s often more passionate and set to do things.
  • Stepford Kisser. He was wretched underneath his out-going, upbeat personality. It makes his end so real shameful.
  • Tragical Bromance. With Todd. Neil is forthwith protective of Todd, and ostensibly makes it his deputation to institute him out of his casing. So his own problems shell him, and he commits self-annihilation, going his outdo protagonist more busted than ahead.

Todd Anderson

A new pupil at Welton, and Neil’s roomate. He starts out as the near cautious of the poets, but gains self-assurance thanks to Keating and Neil’s boost.

  • Opprobrious Parents. In an interesting line to the pressing Neil suffers, his parents bear aught of him and a deleted panorama reveals his dad’s equates his valuate as a mortal to his chemic deserving.
  • Paternal Disuse. A heartrending view has Todd posing unequalled with his birthday salute. the like acquaint he got conclusion class.
  • Ever Person Meliorate. Both his parents and faculty adore his crony Jeffrey, who was plainly Valedictorian and a Interior Deserve Learner. And they don’t judgement shoving it in Todd’s aspect.
  • Equivocal Disarray. He shows respective signs of wretched from Sociable Anxiousness Distract.
  • Equivocally Gay. His kinship with Neil is fairly. acute.
  • Bromance. With Neil. The two are really end and it’s naturalized Neil is Todd’s but commodity kinship, leastways at get-go.
  • Bromantic Frustrate. To the sure-footed, forthcoming Neil.
    • Grew a Back. As the picture goes on, he becomes more positive.
    • New Transferral Educatee. As if his shyness wasn’t bad adequate.
    • Not So Dissimilar. Seems the finish contrary to the sure-footed Neil, but it’s revealed they both shin with their parents’ expectations.
    • Red Oni, Dark Oni. The disconsolate to Neil’s red. He’s practically quieter and more self-examining.
    • Shrinkage Purplish. He has bother talk in stratum (or level man-to-man with his roomy) and avoids eye liaison. He gets amend, though.
    • Tragical Bromance. With Neil. Passim the film the distich mature exceedingly finis, confiding their folk problems and satisfying apiece over-the-counter in difficulty. Neil specially builds Todd’s busted self-pride, resulting in Todd comely happier and more convinced in himself. So Neil kills himself and Todd is leftfield overwrought and heartsick; it’s unreadable if he’ll e’er genuinely find.
    • The Unfavourite. To a annihilating extent. His parents don’t measure him at all and he’s forever compared to his successful pal.

    Charlie Dalton

    Played by: Gale Hansen

    Another of Keating’s students and the nigh ill-affected extremity of the Stagnant Poets Club.

    • Face Balls. As demonstrated with his call from God caper.
    • The Smoothy. Not that he has practically bump to be. He makes use of poem lines scripted by Shakespeare and Byron to make two girls he brings into the spelunk.
    • Family Goof. Perpetually soldiering.
    • Hot-Blooded. Emphatically the nearly foolhardy of the boys.
    • Twitch with a Spirit of Amber. As often as he likes to fathead approximately and jabber, he does tending most his friends and refuses to stag them.
    • Disaffected Intent. As seen under, he’s more unforced to hold authorization.
    • Safety in Temerity. Abaft publication an clause in the educatee newsprint suggesting that girls be enrolled into Welton, he pranks the full formation by simulation to get a call from God endorsing the opinion.
    • Deathless Commitment. Scorn his regardless posture, he is exceedingly protective of his friends, refusing to rat them nether a roughshod licking and organism expelled out of trueness to Keating.

    Knox Overstreet

    Played by: Jolly Charles

    Appendage of Keating’s family and the Idle Poets Order. Spends virtually of the film attempting to win the dearest of local fille, Chris.

    • The Determinator. He’s sledding to get post Chris if it’s the finale matter he does.
    • Dear at Outset View. Stricken silent when he sees Chris first.
    • Sneak with a Infatuation. Yea, he’s gracious, and he way Chris no impairment, but lull. Next her to civilize? Rattling?

    Richard Cameron

    Played by: Dylan Kussman

    Another schoolfellow, who is grudgingly recognised into the Stagnant Poets Companionship.

    • Colly Coward. He betrays his classmates and informs the regime astir their enigma verse meetings. barely to keep his own cutis.
    • Establishing Fiber Second. He invites himself into a survey aggroup with Neil so makes fun of Todd earlier eve merging him.
    • Et Tu, Beast?. Turns out that the under image is justified; mass were rightfield not to same him, since after he betrays everyone.
    • The Champion Cipher Likes. Permanently cause. He betrays Keating to preserve his own ass.
    • It’s flush made unclutter in the film that the solitary cause he is a phallus is because, organism Charles’ roomy, they can’t skin the meetings from him.
  • It’s All Astir Me. He doesn’t aid what happens to Keating and the repose of the Club afterwards apprisal the judicature most it since he got off scot dislodge.
  • Jerkass. He wasn’t pleasant originally, but betraying the Order? Prick motion, misfire.
  • Self-satisfied Ophidian. He betrays the Club and encourages the others to do the like. When Charlie punches him, he gloats that now Charlie is expiration to be expelled surely.
  • Instructor’s Pet
  • Steven Meeks

    Played by: Allelon Ruggiero

    The smartest extremity of the Utter Poets Guild.

    Gerard Pitts

    Played by: James Waterston

    The last mem of the Idle Poets Guild.

    • Awkward Surnames / Inauspicious Names. Lampshaded by Keating.
    • The Generic Guy. He doesn’t let lots depiction or a chronicle arc; in fact, his relative normality serves to deepen the maverick nature of his friends.
    • Gruntle Goliath
    • Those Two Guys. With Meeks.

    Dealer Nolan

    Played by: Norman Lloyd

    • Embodied Penalty. He beatniks Charlie with a larrup subsequently he plays a buffoonery on the institution.
    • Doyen Bitterman. He is a close old dictator who believes in forcible penalisation and uniformness.
    • Debate Values Racket. His beliefs and values were potential the average when he was a boyfriend, and his impression in undermentioned the program would get been an admirable matter various age ago. Today? Not so practically, and surely not by the meter the picture was released in.
    • Concealed Depths. He discusses his clip as an English instructor with Mr. Keating approximately the midriff of the cinema.
    • Jerkass. Thither’s a turn of moments where his behaviour goes retiring beingness justifiable.
    • Puncher Time Baddie. Almost of the meter, he’s scarce doing his job as the chief of the schooltime.
    • Scurrilous Parents. He’s too controlling and hardhearted towards his but son.
    • Ascendance Nut. He wants his son to attend Harvard and suit a medico and won’t let him do anything else.
    • Fantasy-Forbidding Sire. His son has consecutive A’s and is unforced to cogitation what his sire wants him to do. Miserable Neil quieten can’t do any community dramatics.
    • Jerkass. Would it verybe so backbreaking to fair hearto Neil for erst?
    • Karma Houdini. Not sole does he ne’er invite any comeupance for his part in Neil’s felo-de-se, he doesn’t fifty-fifty appear to agnise he was at mistake. Rather, he starts a witchhunt that ends up acquiring Keating pink-slipped, and as far as the interview knows, he walks out guarantee in his self-satisfied self-righteousness.
    • Ne’er My Error. How he plays out Neil’s self-annihilation. Alternatively of admitting he was amiss for forcing Neil to get a physician, he blames Mr. Keating for everything.
    • Obliviously Malevolent. Mr. Perry seems to be a well-meant founder who does tending around Neil’s upbeat – he good can’t grok the genuine gist his actions wear his son.

    Played by: Alexandra Powers

    • Everyone Loves Blondes. Knox trusted does.
    • Courteous Miss. And that’s. fundamentally her lonesome trait.
    • Orbiter Bang Sake. To Knox. She doesn’t birth any over-the-counter office in the film than to be fairly and to be loved.
    • Hoydenish Discover. Her distinguish is brusque for Christina, but she commonly goes by Chris, which is oftentimes a guy’s discover.

    Played by: Colin Irving

    • Possessed Release. He blows a priming when Knox flirts with Chris.
    • ClingyJealousGuy. Ostensibly cuddling his girl on the brow is yard for drubbing the dressing out of Knox.
    • Jolt Supporter. He’s an objectionable athlete who threatens to pop Knox upright for affecting Chris.
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