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Woman’s clothes torn off in mid-air brawl

Virgin Atlantic

A DRUNKEN passenger’s unwanted sexual advances allegedly led to a wild brawl with a female passenger resulting in almost $40,000 worth of damage to a Virgin Atlantic plane.

The incident occured on a flight from Britain to Jamaica. Jason Dixon, 32, allegedly drank heavily and became attracted to a female passenger sitting next to him.

Danielle Bishop, 27, fought off his moves so vigorously that fittings on the plane were damaged and the pair was arrested.

Ms Bishop allgeged that Mr Dixon attacked her after she rejected his sexual advances. She claims that Mr Dixon grabbed her hand before ripping her clothes and yanking out her hair in the fight.

Mr Dixon, who was called an “idiot” by Magistrate Maxine Ellis, was fined approximately $1550 for malicious destruction of property and unruly behaviour on a flight.

Charges against Ms Bishop were dropped.

Virgin Atlantic said in a statement: “The safety of all our passengers and crew is of paramount importance.

“Disruptive passengers are rare on Virgin Atlantic flights but like all other British airlines we take such behaviour very seriously. We will not tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on board any of our aircraft and always report it to the authorities.”

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